Mobile Websites - iPhone & Android Apps

Morgan Stanley analysts have predicted that the mobile web will be greater than desktop Internet use by 2015. This is no great shock, as mobile phone use has grown so rapidly over the past few years. A mobile website is one that is optimized for use on a handheld mobile phone. Detection scripts can be installed to detect the device that is visiting, and modify the content and skin for the best experience for that device. With HTML5, your mobile site can have GPS capability that can be integrated into apps on your website to give your mobile site the functionality of a phone app, without downloading and installing a special app.

iOS Applications

iOS Application are programs designed to run on iPhones, iPods and iPads. When you have Apps available on these Apple devices, you are putting your product or service in the hands of all of the users of these devices. Give us a call for more information about iOS Apps.

Mobile Apps

A mobile app can be a standalone application, or one that relies on data and content from the Internet. Apps can utilize features on your phone such as GPS location, the camera and the accelerometer (phone tilting).