Blog Sites

If you want to create your own blog site, we can put one together for you. As with other websites, blog sites can vary from a simple template site, to a customized blog site with all the web 2.0 features that make sense for you. We can also incorporate WordPress, e2evolution, or other blog publishing platforms into your existing website. Blogs give your fans and customers a great way to keep them interested in your business. Frequently updated blogs can have a huge impact on your websites search engine rankings.

RSS Marketing

With an integrated RSS feed on your blog, your blog content can be syndicated into various websites and directories. Once this is integrated into your blog, your content will be feeding fresh content all over the web to give your blog topics exposure, as well as increase your blog’s search engine rankings by introducing multiple links to your website.

The natural and designed interconnections between blogs though hyperlinks gets your blog placed where those interested in your topics can find you. Once these RSS feed subscriptions are set up, they are automatically updated without any action from you. Just writing fresh content will pump your feed right into the blogosphere.