Search Engine Optimization - SEO

Search engines like Google use sophisticated algorithms that consider many factors when displaying the order of organic or natural website results when someone searches for a particular search phrase. These factors include Relevance, Comprehensiveness, Freshness and Speed. To improve your Search Engine Results, a whole new “science” called Search Engine Optimization came to be. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of using special techniques and best practices to improve your websites visibility in the search engines. When SEO techniques are performed well, your site will move higher in the search engine results pages (SERPS), which is an invaluable asset for the success of any business. SEO techniques have been around ever since companies realized the amazing value of appearing high in the SERPs, which causes the search results to reflect which companies are using lots of SEO techniques vs. those who don’t. Since Google & Bing simply want the searching user to get the most relevant results, they constantly adjust the algorithms to make it challenging for companies to use SEO to alter the results based on over optimizing. This makes it that much more difficult to optimize effectively.

Picture This Productions has been optimizing websites since search engines have been around. We keep up with the latest techniques, measure success with analytic tools, and can give you a comprehensive SEO strategy that will work best for your website.