The Creative Process

The creative process begins with a conversation with you. The process is broken down into 5 sections which are described below. This process is one we have used many times, and helps us create a great web project for your business.

1. Discovery

This part of the process is where we talk to you about the goals for your business and for your website. Many questions are asked to gather important information about your business such as: What is your business’s mission? What do you stand for. What is important to you? How will the site be used? Will you sell things online? Do you want the website accessible to anyone, or only certain countries or specific users? What languages do you want your website to be published in? How do you want your website to be found? From ads or organic results of search engines? From What search terms? From what locations & demographics? From web directories? From Comparison Shopping Engines? From blogs and social networking sites? From website reviews? Who is the competition in your space? How will we make you stand apart from the competition with a superior look & feel? What functions and features are your visitors expecting and desiring? What are the important messages that you want to get across to your customers? What do you want them to think about your business? What categories or pages should be presented, and in what hierarchy? In this process, we ask a lot of questions, and listen to your wishes to ensure we have properly discovered the goals of the project.

2. Definition

After the discovery phase a proposal with specific pieces of work is created to achieve your goals. We define exactly what work we’ll perform for the project. We may offer features that can be options, added in stages, at a later date, or offer other add-ons that you may or may not want to implement with your project. In some cases further specifications may need to be prepared to specify exactly what the delivered product is expected to do.

3. Design

Once we move forward to start the project, we begin by creating design mockups for you to experience. It is important for you to connect with your physical design so that we feel it artistically and functionally represents the essence of your brand and business. The first visual contact your visitors have with your website should portray what you stand for by the look and feel alone, before any copy is read. At this point the visitor should see your main navigation categories and/or tag line. This should quickly sum up your main message and offerings. By now your visitor should really know a lot about you. From here your visitor can read more and navigate your site to find what interests them based on your website’s navigation and search functions. We will work the design mockups until you are convinced that we have a great design that will convey your brand’s message through an appropriate design aesthetic.

4. Development

Now that the basic design & layout of the website has been established, the development process begins. All of the content and functions that are required as specified in the definition process are built, and tested. These functions are reviewed by you for approval to be sure we have met the specifications set forth in the definition stage.

5. Delivery

Once the development and testing is completed for your website, we will launch the site. Your website can be hosted on our servers for worldwide delivery 24 hours a day. Once your site is launched, we may work out a maintenance program for updating your content, monitoring the server performance, evaluating any Search Optimization programs, and maintaining your marketing campaigns.